Facilities Direction


A vision for Saint Paul Public Library’s facilities.


Building off the library’s 2022 Strategic Direction, the Facilities Direction presents a vision and recommendations for Saint Paul Public Library’s facilities.

The Facilities Direction includes recommendations for system-wide technology and play-based learning.

The Facilities Direction focuses on three branches that have not been renovated in more than 30 years: Hamline Midway, Hayden Heights, and Riverview libraries.

A community engagement process reached 1,680 people by online survey and over 53 community members at three neighborhood forums.

The Facilities Direction is not a detailed implementation plan or branch-by-branch facility design.

Download the Case Statement

Download the Case Statement (PDF)

Neighborhood Resilience Centers: a case statement for infrastructure investment in Saint Paul’s libraries.


Libraries in Saint Paul are well loved, well used, and well worn.

Facility Direction - Icons

Community members feel pride for their neighborhood library.

The average rating for neighborhood libraries was 7.68 out of 10. The library is a strong connector in Saint Paul neighborhoods and patrons would like the library to play a stronger role.  More than half of the respondents in the survey said,  “I am willing to help make the library better."

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Across demographic and age groups, the library is viewed as a place for exposure to new things and people and as a place to have connections with other people.

The majority of white respondents strongly valued access to diverse resources and the physical space and feel of the library. In comparison, Black and Indigenous People of Color (BIPOC) respondents strongly valued their library as a place to spend time with family, exposure to new things and people, and to attend meeting/gatherings.

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Outdated buildings struggle to support high use.

While circulation and visits remain strong, the collection large and diverse, and program attendance increasing, technology is falling behind, surfaces are worn, and the buildings are in serious need of investment. In SPPL’s historic two-level buildings, many spaces are not easily accessible. These buildings have limited access to power/data and many are experiencing water infiltration. Mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) systems need significant investment.

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Saint Paul Public Library facilities are falling behind their peers.

Interior spaces are inflexible and are challenged to provide consistent, quality learning and play spaces. Entry areas should be more welcoming. Exterior and interior signage and way-finding need improvement. Sight lines and staff work areas need reconfiguration. Meeting rooms require enhanced flexibility and improved AV technology. Furniture throughout the system needs replacement.


Technology and Play-based Learning

As the role of libraries is evolving beyond access to a physical (and digital) collection to a service-enriched, community-oriented space, technology and play for learning are impactful strategic opportunities.

Technology within the library must evolve. As the role of the libraries is evolving beyond access to a physical (and digital) collection to a service-enriched, community-oriented space, the technology within the library must evolve as well. Development of a consistent, base level of technology services delivered throughout the library system will create resources patrons can rely on.

Library spaces should evolve to support play-based learning. Patrons helped SPPL understand the vast definitions and approaches of how play supports their learning and connecting—with themselves and others. The different modes, including play to learn, create, or express different ways of being represent new considerations to explore more deeply as a library system.


The Facilities Direction sets the visions for Saint Paul Public Library’s facilities, but is not a detailed implementation plan. Learn more about the timeline below.


  • Community engagement to inform the Saint Paul Public Library Facilities Direction


  • Share community-informed facilities vision and recommendations with City of Saint Paul leaders and community
  • Make limited, budget-approved mechanical and electrical improvements and other repairs
  • Community engagement to inform decision point for Hamline Midway Library (planned for 2020; delayed to 2021 due to COVID-19)


  • Funding secured for design work for Hayden Heights renovation and a limited number of additional mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) system upgrades
  • Submit project proposals for the City’s Capital Investments Budget (CIB) process, opens a new window in April, with decision on funding made in December. Below is the application submission timeline posted by the City’s Office of Financial Services (OFS).
    • April 2 to April 19 – Capital Planning Team evaluates department CIB projects submitted for 2022/2023 bonding
    • May 10 – CIB Committee deliberates on Capital Planning Team recommendations
    • June 14 – CIB Committee Public Hearing on 2022/2023 bonding recommendation
    • No later than June 30 – CIB Committee forwards bonding recommendation to Mayor
    • August – Mayor releases proposed 2022/2023 capital budget
    • December – Truth in Taxation Public Hearing before Council
    • December – Council adopts 2022 city budget and 2022/2023 capital budget
  • Release RFP and hire consultant to support community engagement and schematic design work for all three priority locations: Hamline Midway, Hayden Heights, and Riverview libraries.
  • Begin community engagement process to develop community-informed schematic designs for all three priority locations.
    • Hamline Midway community engagement process will invite community to determine direction: new building or renovation plus expansion at current site.
  • Work with The Friends and City of Saint Paul partners on capital fundraising strategy


  • Should the Library secure CIB funding for 2022/2023, develop construction documents and begin construction of any funded projects (Hamline Midway, Hayden Heights, and/or Riverview)
  • If the library does not secure funding, it would apply again for CIB funding in 2023 for a 2024/2025


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March 18 CIB Presentation

Library slides are on pages 26-41.

Facilities Direction Report Appendices

Team, data, maps, trends, and meeting minutes.

Download the Facilities Direction Fact Sheet (PDF)

Learn more about the key findings and next steps for Saint Paul Public Library's Facilities Direction.

Facilities Master Plan slide deck

Facilities Master Plan presentation prepared by HGA. Presented March 4, 2020.

Hamline Midway Library Community Discussion slides

PowerPoint presentation from March 9, 2021, community discussion about Hamline Midway Library.



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