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Showcasing eight arts and culture partners during September and October

The smARTpass Reimagined series is your opportunity to experience a variety of programs at home on  your own computer, phone, or tablet screen.

Current Programs

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Minnesota Fringe Presents: Dreamland Arts

A series of five 10-minute stories presented by Zaraawar Mistry of Dreamland Arts. Features classic fables from the Panchatantra, ancient Indian collection of interrelated animal fables. With music by Greg Herriges.

Available September 27 - October 3.

1 - The Lion and the Rabbit

2 - The Elephants and the Mice

3 - The Foolish Fellow

4 - The Donkey and the Fox

5 - The Tortoise and the Geese


The Singers interview composer Timothy C. Takach: Helios

The Singers Artistic Director Matthew Culloton interviews composer Tim Takach about Helios, a multi-movement choral work. Helios is a musical exploration of our solar system. The libretto contains poetry commissioned for this piece alongside translations of ancient writing and previously published poetry. Each movement’s text is inspired by the planet for which it is named, and Helios itself has an overarching theme of control.

More information can be found on www.singersmca.org.

The smARTpass website has in the past — and hopefully will again in the  not-too-distant future — made free and discounted tickets available to library card holders for live visits/shows. Sign up to receive updates.

Sponsored by the Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund.

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