The Saint Paul Public Library will be closed on Monday, January 18.

Plan your visit: see current hours and visit our Library Express page for updates on services available, locations, and what to expect when you arrive.



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While our physical spaces are closed, we're still here for you online. See what we're up to on these channels and check back often for updates and new stuff!


Createch is a physical space for teens to gather, access tools needed to pursue interests and spark new passions, and be encouraged by mentors who support their individual growth.  Each of our five Library and Parks spaces is different and shaped by teens, mentors, neighborhoods, and community partners. Our flagship site is Createch Studio at the Arlington Hills Community Center, a persistent space open after school, five days a week. Our four other Createch Labs are held in multipurpose rooms throughout Saint Paul one day a week.



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Urban Roots DIY Container Garden Kit: Week 6

Our final week! Jaclyne is giving us some tips on how to plant throughout the year, and yes, we're discussing the radishes.

Urban Roots DIY Container Garden Kit: Week 5

Jaclyne and Shawn are showing us how to thin out the cilantro, and giving us some culinary ideas for this umbellifer.

Urban Roots DIY Container Garden Kit: Week 4

This week, we're fitting our tomatoes with a new cage, doing some sprout maintenance, and a feeding them a helping of turkey manure!

DIY Plushies

Barbara's showing us how to make kawaii plushies for our favorite fandoms -- what's yours?


Saint Paul Public Library is having a virtual cosplay runway in August.

Urban Roots DIY Container Garden Kit: Week 3

This week, our basil gets its first haircut! Jaclyne with Urban Roots also teaches us new gardening skills like how to thin our radishes.

CreaTalk: Talking Art with Z

Today AJ talks with Createch mentor, Z to see what they have planned for Createch at home, and how they are bringing the art to you.

Urban Roots DIY Container Garden Kit: Week 1

DIY Container Garden Kit Video #1: How to plant all our different plants and seeds, as well as how to start our Gardening Journal.

Art with Z: Drawing Outside with Crayons

Z will walk you through their process of drawing outside with crayons. Tag us @createchsppl so we can see what you create.

DIY Washi Tape

Here's how to create your own washi tape using paper, markers, and masking tape.

The Pandemic Depression Zine Compilation

"Not Just the Economy but Also the Mind" -- from the Asian American Organizing Project (AAOP)

DIY Patches to Make and Wear

Add personal and meaningful art to our wardrobe with DIY patches. All you need is some fabric, Sharpies, and some Elmer's glue!

Art with Z: Drawing from Nature with Crayons

Get outside and find something interesting in your neighborhood to draw. Z will show you their process for drawing outside.

Art With Z: Drawing Faces with Crayon

Time for "Art with Z"! Z will walk you through their process of drawing faces with crayons.

Time Capsules

Like most places, we had to adjust year-end plans. For Rondo's teen group, that meant no party to open the time capsules made last year.
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