Birth to Kindergarten

Early learning resources and events for your baby, toddler, or preschooler!

Little Learners @ Home

Sing, play, create and read with your little learners.


Stories, songs, puppets, and more! Enjoy time with your child while building a foundation for reading success.

Online Storytimes

View recordings of storytimes. Stories, songs, and movement -- supporting literacy development and learning.

Books for Young Children

Book Lists

Early Learning

You are your child's first teacher!

Children are born learners and the get ready to read years before they go to school.

Children develop much of their capacity for learning in the first three years of life.

Children with books in the home have a better chance for a good start in school.

Children who enjoy being read to are more likely to want to learn to read themselves.

Help your child get ready to read with these simple activities.

You are the key to your child's success.

When you read, talk, sing, and play with your child, you're stimulating the growth of your child's brain and building the connections that will become the building blocks for reading and for life-long learning.

Debra S. Fish Early Childhood Resource Library

Supporting early childhood trainers, child care providers, and parents of young children. Early childhood materials on a variety of topics.

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Weekly tips on developing children’s social skills, increasing motor and language ability and preparing for kindergarten.

Resources for Parents and Caregivers

Early Childhood Family Education (ECFE)
Parent and early childhood education for families with children between birth and kindergarten age.

Early Childhood Screening (Saint Paul Public Schools)
Identify the health and developmental needs of young children before entering kindergarten.

Early Learning Programs (Minnesota Department of Education)
Local programs and statewide resources to help children receive the best start.

Parent Aware
Rating tool for selecting high-quality child care and early education.

Reading Rockets
Teaching kids to read and helping those who struggle.

Think Small
Services, resources, and advocacy for early childhood education in Minnesota, including the Debra S. Fish Early Childhood Resource Library.

What's New for Birth to Kindergarten

Juggler's Suitcase

Jun 25th | 2:00pm - 2:45pm
JJuggler is a clown. But! A sensible one. No crazy makeup. A classically inspired European outfit and, most importantly, a suitcase.

Siama's Congo Music

Jun 18th | 2:00pm - 3:00pm
Join us at Riverview Library for Siama's Congo Music where families will get to hear fun stories about Siama's rural childhood in DR Congo.

Science-a-Long: Sink or Float

Come Science-a-Long with Miss Carla as she shows you how to perform a simple home science experiment, then try it yourself at home!

Art-A-Long - Fun with Letters: d

Express yourselves with art while having fun with letters! This time we are using the lowercase letter d and drawing supplies.

Engineer-A-Long: Build with Sticks

Engineer-a-Long with Miss Margo as she plays with sticks. What does she build? It’s a surprise! What will you build? Surprise yourself!

Nature-a-Long: Nature Treasure Box

Come Nature-a-long with Miss Carla as she shows you how to make your very own Nature Treasure Box!

Art-A-Long: Fun with Letters: e

This time we are using a grocery bag, markers, and our own hand to illustrate the lowercase letter e!

Newly Announced! Youth Book Awards 2022

A list of the 2022 award winners and honor selections. Read on!

Water is Life

A book list about water. Created to supplement the "Water is Life" display and art kits at the West 7th Library.

Spice It Up, Start Cooking!

Cooking & reading together preserve both bonds of the generations and bounty of family love.

Winter Moon Lights Dark Nights

Our lunar neighbor has inspired stories since the first humans looked up at the sky and saw its gray, cratered face.

Capturing the Christmas Spirit: New Picture Books

Christmas can be a magical time for children, and these books will reward their natural curiosity about the season's traditions.
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