Mission, Vision, and Values


We welcome all people to connect, learn, discover and grow.


We imagine a Saint Paul where all people feel seen, safe, and welcome. We imagine a city where libraries bring people together to experience hope, joy, and creativity through learning.

Library Experience Promise

  • We welcome you
  • ​​​​​We listen with curiosity and create connections
  • We build spaces for likeness and difference
  • We practice anti-racism and racial healing work
  • We celebrate the joy of discovery
  • We are here because of you.

This is our Library Experience Promise.

Our Values

The Library belongs to the people of Saint Paul. We are your Library and you — our library users — shape our work. The following values guide our work.

We believe that learning is a human right.

To live, adapt, and thrive in a constantly changing world, all people need supportive learning environments and free access to information and ideas from diverse points of view.

We believe in curiosity.

Curiosity can change the world and the path of one’s life. We believe in igniting its spark through discovery and creative exploration.


We believe in connection.

The Library is a place for quiet reflection and boisterous activity; for likeness and for difference. It is comfortable, inclusive, and vital to creating healthy, strong communities.

We believe in the power of belonging.

When people feel they belong, they are able to learn and grow. The Library brings people together to access knowledge, information, and connection. We actively work to ensure that all people see themselves and our city’s rich diversity reflected in our libraries.

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