Getting Started with the Library Catalog

Logging In

Enter your library card number in the Username or Barcode field.

Enter your current PIN in the Password field.

If You Don't Have Your PIN...

If you don't recall your PIN, you may be able to reset it using the Classic Catalog login screen.

Click the "Forget Your PIN?" link to have reset instructions emailed to you.

Please note: the reset process will only work if the library already has your email address.

If the library does not have your email address, please contact the library or email us and staff can help you set a new PIN. You can then use that PIN to create an account in the library catalog.

Setting a New PIN or Password

PINs and passwords:

  • Need to be at least 6 characters long.
  • Can include numbers and letters.
  • Should not use repeating characters such as 111111 or 121212
  • Should not use special characters such as quotes or ampersands.

After Your PIN Has Been Set...

Go to the Log In screen.

Enter your library card number and PIN/password.

Confirm your information, select a username, and read and acknowledge the terms of service to get started.

Library Go Cards

Use your Library Go card number (22091600 + your 6 digit SPPS ID) as your barcode.

Your PIN/password is your birthday (MMDDYYYY).

Choosing A Username

Usernames must be unique across all BiblioCommons libraries.

If you already have a username registered with the Hennepin County Library system, you will need to use a different username in the Saint Paul Public Library system.

If the username you want to use is already in use at any other library using the BiblioCommons catalog, you will need to use a different username.

Check Your Privacy Settings

Once you have created your account, check your account settings to be sure they are the way you would like them to be set. You can make your Shelves and your Feed private or shared. Your borrowing information (check-outs and holds) is always private.

User Guide

Download a New User Guide with more information on getting started, getting organized, and using the library's new website.