Suggest a Purchase

Recommend titles to the library.

If there is a title you think the library should purchase, let us know.

You can suggest up to 4 titles per month.

Please check the library catalog before making a suggestion for purchase.

E-books and e-audiobooks: please make suggestions for e-books and e-audiobooks directly in OverDrive, opens a new window (instructions).

Please do not place suggestions before a title's publication date.

What Happens Next?

Suggestions for purchase are evaluated according to the library's Collection Management policy.

After you submit a suggestion for purchase, the library will let you know whether we are able to purchase it or not. You can find responses to your suggested purchases in the Suggested Purchases area of your account.

It the title you suggested is purchased, you can place a hold on it in the library catalog.

For Authors and Creators

If you are the author or creator of a work, find more information about submitting your work for consideration for the library collection.

Minnesota authors may also be interested in MN Writes MN Reads: easy-to-use, free resources for publishing and sharing ebooks.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • After you suggest a title for purchase, the library will let you know whether it has been purchased or not. You will see a response in your library account.

    To check the status of requests:

    Log in to your account and visit My Library Dashboard.

    Click "Suggested this month" in the menu on the left.


    Log in and visit your account settings.

    Click "Suggested Purchases".

  • To suggest new items for the library to purchase:

    Go to My Library Dashboard (log in, if necessary).

    Click "Suggest a Purchase" from the menu on the left side of the screen.

    Enter the title information and click "Submit Suggestion".

    E-books or e-audiobooks can be suggested directly in OverDrive.

  • You can suggest up to 4 items for purchase per month.

  • No. Old suggestions for purchase cannot be canceled or removed.

  • You can make suggestions for e-books and e-audiobooks directly in OverDrive.

    To recommend items to the library:

    1. Search the library's digital collection.
    2. On the results page, select Recommend to library under the "Availability" filter. Titles in the OverDrive catalog that the library doesn't own will be added to your results.
    3. A "Not Owned" banner and a "Recommend" link will show for unowned items. Click "Recommend" to recommend a title
    4. If prompted, sign in.
    5. If prompted, enter and confirm your email address. Then, click "Recommend".
    6. If the library buys the title, you'll be added to its wait list and receive an email when your hold is available.
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