Maker, Arts, and Culture

Maker, Arts, and Culture

Arts, creativity, technology, and cultural events.

Maker, Arts, and Culture Programs

Innovation Lab

For tinkerers, entrepreneurs, artists, hobbyists, inventors, and the just plain curious. Free membership is required.

Maker Kits

Maker Kits contain all the materials to do an activity - equipment, books, supplies, suggested activities, tips, and resources.


Tech lab and art studio for teens.

More Maker, Arts, and Culture Programs

Tinker Tuesdays

Get hands-on experience learning a new craft at home or share your knowledge and experience with a group!


Free and discounted tickets available to arts performances, concerts, experiences, and museums.

Maker, Arts, and Culture Events

The Minnesota Author Project 2022 is here (April 1-May 31)!

We're looking for the best indie-published and community-created books in Minnesota! Contests run April 1 - May 31, 2022.

Plant and Flower crafts

Crafted plants and crafts made from plants.

Publish and Share Your Own E-books

Easy-to-use, free resources for writers to publish and share ebooks from MN Writes MN Reads and the Minnesota Libraries Publishing Project.

Library After Dark

Maker, arts, crafts, games, and recreation events. Wednesday nights at the George Latimer Central Library.

Winter Wellness

Join us for Winter Wellness at the library to learn healing yoga from Indigenous Lotus, and Hmong line dancing. Registration required.

Nyob Zoo Xyoo Tshiab - Celebrate Hmong New Year!

Celebrate Hmong New Year with craft events and video celebrations.


Free and discounted tickets available to arts performances, concerts, experiences, and museums.

Tarot Kits

Learn to read tarot cards for fun, divination, or insight. Find an art style that speaks to you!

Cooking the Books: A Taste of the St. Paul farmers Market

Here is an audio taste featuring some of the sounds and voices of the St. Paul Farmers Market.

The Book of Greens and The St. Paul Farmers Market Cookbook

With garden season in full swing, this month I’m digging into two cookbooks that focus on produce.

"Hot Sour Salty Sweet" and "Mangoes & Curry Leaves"

Taken collectively—or even individually—the geographic scope of these cookbooks is hilariously ambitious.

Cooking the Books: May Yia Lee

Twin Cities-area organic farmer May Yia Lee shares her personal story and her ideas about the connections between culture, health and food.

Become a Member

Become an Innovation Lab member and access the equipment and software available in the Lab. Membership is free!

Cooking the Books: Hamdi Ahmed of Soo Fariista/Come Sit Down

Audio story, featuring Hamdi Ahmed of "Soo Fariista: Come Sit Down" and a recipe for Somali sweet flatbread. Produced by Laurie Allmann.
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