The Saint Paul Public Library will be closed on Sunday, April 21 (Easter).

Make @ SPPL


Creative hands-on crafts, technology, and arts.
Follow your interests and passions and learn new skills.
Make something!


Collection Heading

In late December 2018, Brave Art brought together youth of all ages to express what home means to them with the use of paint and canvas.
Maker Kits contain all the materials to do an activity - equipment, books, supplies, suggested activities, tips, and resources.
For tinkerers, entrepreneurs, artists, hobbyists, inventors, and the just plain curious. Free membership is required.
Tinker Tuesdays are maker workshops for adults! These workshops introduce adults to a wide array of DIY craft projects.
Maker kits are hand-selected materials with a variety of equipment, including books, supplies, suggested activities, tips, and resources…
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