Maker Kits

Maker Kits

Kits for fun, hands-on activities! Learn new skills and discover new passions.

Kits that contain fun (and occasionally zany), hands-on activities!

Learn new skills and potentially discover new passions.

Each Maker Kit contains all the materials to do an activity: equipment, books, supplies, suggested activities, tips, and resources.

Maker Kits

Personal Archiving
Everything you need to preserve your old photos, negatives, film or slides in digital formats.

Stop Motion Animation
Make your own animated movies with poseable figures and a flexible camera.

Do interviews on the go or record ambient sounds with this portable recorder.

Create a pattern and make your own wall hanging or other woven masterpieces with this loom and accessories, including yarn and twine.

Make Your Cat an Internet Celebrity
Make your kitty a star - or just have fun- with this camcorder and all the accessories for a mini-movie. Catnip toy included!

Tap into your inner diva and entertain friends with a karaoke kit, which includes a karaoke machine.

Spinning Kit
Spin your own yarn for knitting and crocheting.

GoPro Kit
Document while you go, make and do with this wearable camera.

Vinyl Record Care Kit
Items for cleaning vinyl records and styluses.

Make At-Home Kits

Each kit contains the equipment and supplies you need for an activity plus instructions, patterns, tips, and links to books and websites to give you more ideas.

Tarot Kits

Learn to read tarot cards for fun, divination, or insight. Find an art style that speaks to you!

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