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Bookmobile services are suspended until further notice.


April 2020

The Bookmobile follows a two-week schedule, stopping at locations on the Red Schedule the first week and the Blue Schedule the second week.

Schedule variations may occur due to weather, road, or traffic conditions.

The public is welcome at all Bookmobile stops.


461 N Dale St.
Saint Paul, MN 55103



The Bookmobile is sponsored by HealthPartners.


Special Appearances

If your organization or community event is interested in hosting the Bookmobile, please call 651-266-7450.




Working in partnership with a variety of organizations, the Bookmobile ensures that the resources of the Saint Paul Public Library are accessible to those who face barriers in using the library’s fixed facilities.

The 45-to-50 sites the Bookmobile visits each month include multi-unit housing communities, organizations that promote literacy, and groups working with underserved neighborhoods.

Whenever possible, Bookmobile customers are provided with the same level of service one would find at a fixed library facility.

To be considered for on-going Bookmobile service:

  • Sites must have a sizable population of those who face barriers in accessing Saint Paul Public Library fixed facilities.
  • Sites must be located in the City of Saint Paul.
  • Sites must be willing to provide the Bookmobile with assistance in communicating with their population.
  • Sites must be willing to assist in resolving safety issues involving Bookmobile service that may develop at their location.
  • Sites should provide Bookmobile staff with access to restrooms and a telephone.
  • Sites must have direct in-and-out access for the Bookmobile vehicle.
  • A site’s designated parking spot for the Bookmobile should be well-lighted and kept clear of ice and snow in the winter. Bookmobile customers should have safe and unobstructed access to the vehicle.
  • For school site partnerships, consideration is given to a school's location, demographics, and its ability to participate in the Library Go program.

Sites seeking on-going Bookmobile service should send a written request to the library.

If the number of customers served at a site is not sufficient over time, a change in service or cessation of service will be considered.

Instead of regular visits from the Bookmobile, sites that have parking or other constraints may elect to receive quarterly a collection of library materials for use by older and/or disabled adults.

(Revised 08/2016)

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