Building the Next Chapter Together

2023 Strategic Focus


To welcome all people to connect, learn, participate and grow.


A city that works for all, where libraries bring people together to experience hope and unlock new possibilities.


We believe in connection. Libraries help people connect to information, resources, and each other. The library is open and welcoming, where all people can find comfortable, joyful access to space, technology, materials, and support.

We believe in innovation. Libraries must continually transform to serve community needs – today and in the future. Every day, the library finds new ways to cultivate empathy and unlock potential, igniting collective curiosity through creative exploration and discovery.

We believe in resilience. The library is a place for quiet reflection and boisterous activity, for likeness and for difference. It is a brave space for public participation: to exchange ideas and build human relationships, power, and community. As part of the foundation of a city’s social infrastructure, libraries are essential to community resilience.

We believe in the power of belonging. Libraries are a safe place where all people can see themselves actively reflected, supported, and celebrated. The library acknowledges and rejects racism, white supremacy and hate of all kinds, and is committing to a public future that delivers truth, fairness, dignity, respect, and healing so all library users can thrive.

Our Big Goals Our Work for 2023
Expand services to community members in order to improve their digital connectivity.
  • Begin integrating aspects of digital navigation and career lab work into our existing services in all locations.
  • Distribute 310 Chromebooks and 600 hotspots to community members.
Welcome people of all ages to participate in library services and programs meaningful to their lives.
  • Create a toolkit that empowers and supports branch teams in creating program and services at the branch and system-wide level.
  • Launch new Bookmobile.
Collaboratively focus on safety in libraries.
  • Hire and pilot new Library Safety Specialists role.
  • Expand substitute staffing in public services.
Move forward together by re-igniting energy, joy and deepening trust.
  • Hire and successfully onboard two additional roles – full-time Hmong and full-time Black community specialists.
  • Celebrate daily work we all do by focusing on Library Experience Promise as a unifying commitment for all library staff.
Deepen and increase the consistency of our anti-racist and equity behaviors and practices.
  • Honor community members’ chosen names within our circulation systems.
  • Expand intercultural development support for staff through Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) cohort.
Transform library spaces to allow for the best possible library experience.
  • Begin construction phase for Hamline Midway’s new building.
  • Design and open Play and Learn space at Rondo.

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