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Teens Know Best

A book club for teens, led by teens.

Join Teens Know Best! TKB is for teens, ages 12-18, who want to read and review YA books that aren’t available to the public yet. YA publishers read TKB reviews and use them to influence the future of the publishing industry. We’re a safe space to meet other teens from around the city who love books too.

TKB is sponsored by Metropolitan State University and Saint Paul Public Library.

Contact us at teensknowbeststpaul@gmail.com.

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Teen Lit Con 2023

On April 29th I helped at Teen Lit Con at Two Rivers High School in Mendota Heights through Dayton’s Bluff Library’s Teens Know…
SPPL_TKBTeenChoice said:

It had a lot of moments that I have felt myself thinking numerous times. The story was very intriguing, and it was such a funny emotional journey. - Aiden…

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SPPL_TKBTeenChoice said:

It was mostly based on a true story, and thus had a lot of real moments. The book spoke to me a lot. It was hard to finish just because of how much I resonated…

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SPPL_TKBTeenChoice said:

It was an adorable romance with great characters and chemistry. I loved the writing style and reread the book as soon as I finished it. -Kairavi C.

2022 YALSA Teens’ Top Ten Titles

The 2022 Teens' Top Ten Winners have been announced! Check out these titles from your local SPPL branch!

2021 Teens' Top Ten Winners

The 2021 Teens' Top Ten Winners have been announced!
SPPL_TKBTeenChoice said:

The cover was visually interesting, I thought it reflected the contents. It is a dystopia. I didn't really like the way the events played out. Rating:…

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SPPL_TKBTeenChoice said:

Two estranged sisters are forced to come together again when one of them is diagnosed with cancer. It is well written. I thought the cover really grabbed…

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SPPL_TKBTeenChoice said:

Dean knows he's trans. Now he just has to tell come out, which is not easy. I thought it was a good cover. The way it is written is very similar to how…

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SPPL_TKBTeenChoice said:

Alessandra Stathos heads to the king's palace planning to seduce him, marry him, and then kill him. How else is she going to become the most powerful person…

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20 ALA Youth Media Award Winners from 2020

Each year the American Library Association honors books, videos, and other outstanding materials for children and teens.

Teens Know Best selected nationally as a Teens' Top 10 group

Young Adult Library Services Association (YALSA) has selected 16 public and school libraries from across the country.
SPPL_TKBTeenChoice said:

This book pulled me in. I read it in a few hours when I was home sick from school, and I could not put it down. The characters were all very strong and…

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SPPL_TKBTeenChoice said:

I would recommend this book to anyone who loves suspense and fantasy books. The plot is very interesting and has no dull points. The main character develops…

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Books with Most Complicated Love Shapes

Books (mostly YA) with complicated love triangles, squares, & other various shapes.

Teens Know Best Top 25 in 2017

The top 25 books SPPL's Teens Know Best book club read in 2017.
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