Missing your con cosplay experience? Have you always wanted to try dressing up as a character?

Enter the Virtual Library Comic-Con Cosplay Runway! Here are the rules:  

  • Tag the Library in your photo on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram to submit your photo. The first 150 people get a prize. Prizes can be picked up at Arlington Hills Community Center, 1200 Payne Ave, St Paul, MN 55130, Tuesday, August 18 from 12-3. If you are unable to do so,  please email for other options. 
  • One person per photo. 
  • Only cosplay appropriate for all ages. 
  • Must post by midnight, August 18th. 
  • Must follow Saint Paul Public Library on Twitter,  Instagram or Facebook and/or be willing to respond to a direct message with your email. 
  • By entering this contest, you give Saint Paul Public Library permission to use your image in promotional materials. 
  • Employees of Saint Paul Public Library and their families are not eligible.