Read Brave: Voices of IGF Episode 4

The fourth episode of the Read Brave:Voices of IGF (Irreducible Grace Foundation) podcast series with Latrese and Moises is now available, opens a new window!

Exploring One's Self, Ideas, and Feelings and How it Affects us in our Everyday Life

Special guest: Akeelah

Who knew that moon baths are done to wash away bad omen, gain emotional energy and for guidance? Tune in to hear Latrese and Moises discuss moon baths, the importance of taking control of emotions, how we are all connected to the universe and it is filled with beauty. 

Quotes discussed are:

“Take your feelings and hold them with softness, but also with power. And whenever you feel afraid, know you can ask your fear about itself.” 

“Audre, you are a wild nurturing. You are a complicated specialness. You are ancestral perseverance and sacred erotic.”  

“The Blackness between the stars is the melanin in your skin.”

Breathing Techniques:

  • Energy Breath
  • Soft Belly breathing