Read Brave: Voices of IGF Episode 2

The second episode of the Read Brave:Voices of IGF (Irreducible Grace Foundation) podcast series with Latrese and Moises is now available!

Learn Mindful tool: Humming  

Guests: Natalia and Tearra 

Tune in to hear personal stories about parents transitioning into survival mode to protect and provide the best for their kids. Also hear about the power of discussions and how comforting and whole it can be to be together. We come from light, and although it may seem dark, it is not a limitation to what or who we are. 

“Audre, I think what many parents struggle with, mine included, is that they may not know how to love us in the way that we need. I think that being a parent can bring up a lot of your own fears and traumas and a lot of parents don't know how to not pass that own to their own kids.” 

“Remember you are from the stars and that you can return to them. Remember you are a sacred being of love, no matter the darkness of an earthly life. Remember you come from light and return to freedom. Remember you are the healing of your ancestors, that you are Chiron, the wounded healer.”