Read Brave: Voices of IGF Episode 3

The third episode of the Read Brave:Voices of IGF (Irreducible Grace Foundation) podcast series with Latrese and Moises is now available, opens a new window!

Reconciliation. Resiliency. Healing. Gardening.

Guests: Natalia and Mariana

Tune in to this episode as the IGF team discusses about how to metabolize trauma and how we all contribute to our healing journey & tactics of oppressions used against our ancestors and how it affects us today. Sometimes, it takes being broken in order to heal.

Quotes discussed:

“Life is strange and it will break you to help you heal ancient wounds my darling” 

“Black folks should know how to grow our own food, even if the white man done made us associate being with the land with being slaves. Our ancestors lived with the land and grew their own medicine and food, and we trying to teach y’all how to love and be comfortable with the land.”  

“I say things to myself like I is a sweet grandma. Like I is my own ancestor and I say it to me from me. I love you Audre, you are safe.” 

Breathing Techniques: