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Saint Paul Public Library is co-creating, with the community, a vision to transform Hamline Midway Library.

An update on Hamline Midway Library

Last updated June 3, 2024

The plan for a new one-story state-of-the-art Hamline Midway Library that is accessible for everyone continues to be delayed due to litigation.

A trial for the lawsuit filed by a group of residents related to preserving the current building was held in Ramsey County District Court in May 2024. A decision in this matter is expected before the end of 2024. Upon receipt of the court’s decision, we will have a better understanding of next steps for the library.

The city remains committed to a new, accessible one-story library that reflects and meets the needs of the people it serves while honoring its history as the only viable and transformational option for Hamline Midway. We remain steadfast in our commitment to build a deeply accessible, safe, 21st-century library for every one of our residents, including families and young people now and in the years to come.

The complex process of decommissioning the library began last May, in anticipation of our original construction timeline, which would have begun fall 2023. We continue to encourage community members to access library resources and attend events at neighboring libraries.

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Hamline Midway Library is currently closed.

Alternative libraries near you:

SPPL welcomes library users to visit one of the 12 other Saint Paul Public Library locations. Nearby locations include:

Merriam Park (1.6 mi)

Rondo Community (2.5 mi)

Saint Anthony Park (2.6 mi)

Rice Street (3.6 mi)


While its temporarily closed, Hamline Midway will not be an option to select when choosing a location to pick up your holds. 

Visit the Holds page in your account to change the pick-up location for your current holds. If you do not change the pick-up location, holds will be held for you at the Rondo Community Library.

Hold lockers are available at nearby Rondo Community, Rice Street, and George Latimer Central libraries.


The Bookmobile will continue to make stops in the Hamline Midway neighborhood, including at Hamline Hi-Rise, Victoria/West Nevada, Lyngblomsten senior residence, and a new weekly stop at Hamline Hancock Rec. See schedule for more information.

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