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Saint Paul Public Library is co-creating, with the community, a vision to transform Hamline Midway Library.

An update on Hamline Midway Library

Last updated September 7, 2023

As we mentioned in our July update, we have been working to complete two processes that were required after the library was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in January 2023. The Saint Paul Department of Planning and Economic Development (PED), acting as the Responsible Government Unit (RGU), completed an Environmental Assessment Worksheet (EAW) outlining the work done during the design process to understand and mitigate any potential environmental impacts of the new library design. We are pleased to announce that after preparation of the EAW and a public comment period, the RGU determined that the project does not have potential for significant environmental effects and that no further review of the environmental impact is required. You can view a summary of the EAW here. 

We also completed our mitigation work with the State Historic Preservation Office to explore ways to honor the existing building. Based on those conversations, we will be documenting the existing building through photographs and putting an interpretive display in the new library that educates visitors about the original library. 

We also shared in our last update that a lawsuit filed in early June by a group of people concerned with historic preservation could impact the original project timeline. Unfortunately, this delay has been confirmed. The anticipated 18-month construction phase will likely not begin until the case is resolved.

We will continue to provide updates throughout the process. We are still deeply committed to providing an updated library that meets community member needs now and into the future while also incorporating aspects of the existing library to honor its history. 

In the meantime, the library continues to be closed, but community members can still access library resources and attend events at neighboring libraries. 

If you have questions about the EAW, please contact PED at 651-266-6565. 

Hamline Midway Library is currently closed.

Alternative libraries near you:

SPPL welcomes library users to visit one of the 12 other Saint Paul Public Library locations. Nearby locations include:

Merriam Park (1.6 mi)

Rondo Community (2.5 mi)

Saint Anthony Park (2.6 mi)

Rice Street (3.6 mi)


While its temporarily closed, Hamline Midway will not be an option to select when choosing a location to pick up your holds. 

Visit the Holds page in your account to change the pick-up location for your current holds. If you do not change the pick-up location, holds will be held for you at the Rondo Community Library.

Hold lockers are available at nearby Rondo Community, Rice Street, and George Latimer Central libraries.


The Bookmobile will continue to make stops in the Hamline Midway neighborhood, including at Hamline Hi-Rise, Victoria/West Nevada, Lyngblomsten senior residence, and a new weekly stop at Hamline Hancock Rec. See schedule for more information.

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