Typing Home: Using vintage typewriters, Createch teens reflect on the meaning of home

Is there one thing you need to feel at home anywhere? What is it?

How long does it take you to feel settled in a new place?

What do you like most about where you live now? What would you change?

Have you come a long way from the place you were born, or stayed in one area? How did that shape you as a person?

Is it important to feel like you're doing something to improve your home? How about your neighborhood?

These are some of the questions Createch locations across Saint Paul are throwing out to our teenage patrons in order to involve them in the Read Brave discussion about housing. Our goal for February is to get young people talking about what home means to them and how the places they've lived inform who they are. In addition to informal conversations and thematic art projects, three vintage typewriters will travel from library to library, where Createch mentors will collect youth responses for a Read Brave display. This project is a natural extension of Createch's identity as a space that welcomes open, free-flowing dialogues about all the topics -- from the momentous to the absolutely goofy -- that are of interest to Saint Paul teens.