Shelter | Discussion Questions

Questions from the Read Brave Saint Paul Team

  1. At the beginning of the story, the animals are all getting ready for something. What are they getting ready for? Why do they need to prepare?
  2. As the bears go from one animal’s house to another, what are they asking for? The animals keeps turning the bears away, saying that they do not have enough food or space, but is that true?Why are they unwilling to share with the bears?
  3. How do the bears feel when the other animals keep turning them away and refusing to share? How can you tell?
  4. Do you think the other animals should have treated the bears differently? Why? What should the animals have done?
  5. After the fox den collapses, the foxes ask the bears for help, and Big Brother calls the little fox’s gift of a lantern generous. What does it mean to be generous? What can you do to be generous in your community?
  6. None of the animals help the bears, but the bears help the foxes when they need it. Why? What does this tell us about how we want to be treated, and how we should treat others?
  7. With each of the animals, the bears offer to share in exchange for shelter. What does it mean to share? Remember that we don’t only share things like toys and money - we can also share feelings like kindness and love. What can you share with others?
  8. What do you think happens to the animals after the story ends? What do the bears do? How about the foxes? Do the animals treat them differently after the storm?


Read Brave Saint Paul is a citywide, intergenerational reading program set around a common theme relevant to the city. The 2019 Read Brave theme is housing, a critical topic in Saint Paul where thousands of people struggle to afford housing.