Check Out a Power Check Meter

Ever wonder how much energy your refrigerator uses or how your TV really affects your electric bill? Find out by checking out an easy-to-use Power Check energy meter from the Saint Paul Public Library.

The meters work on any standard 120-volt electric appliance and are easy to use. They measure voltage, electricity cost, and electric consumption. 

The Power Check energy meters, available courtesy of Xcel Energy, are free for you to use in your home. The meters can help identify appliances that have high energy use, predict and calculate cost savings by reducing appliance use or replacing old appliances with new ones, and identify appliances that continue to use energy while switched off. Knowing which appliances are major energy drains can help you make smarter decisions about energy usage in your home, and that can also help you save on your bills.

Power Check meters are available at all Saint Paul Public Library locations. Check the catalog to see what is available and to place a hold on one.