Library Stories: Jane

Meet Jane, a cataloger who works behind the scenes in the Library's Materials Management Center (MMC). She is one of the first people at SPPL to crack open the spines and flip through the pages of new books that are being added to the Library's collection. As a cataloger, Jane carefully notates information into the catalog, making it possible for staff to shelve items and for library users to search for materials online by title, author, subject, and other classifications. She shared a little more about her thoughts on all things "libraries" in the most recent Out of the Box video and below:

What brought you to libraries?

Free, up-to-date reading materials! I have saved a fortune on reading books borrowed from the library instead of buying them.

What excites you about working at libraries?

New books. Because I work at Material Management Center, I get to see all the new books firsthand before the patrons get them.

How do you think libraries improve communities?

Libraries provide safe places for people to rest and socialize. Also, people can get all kinds of reading materials from the library, which helps sharpens people's minds.

How do you see libraries growing or adapting to meet community needs in the next 10 years?

Libraries may serve as a gathering place for people near and far more in the future. I hope people will value more of physical reading material. 
What's one thing you'd like people to know?
Traditionally, a cataloger's job involved creating profiles for every item in the library. Nowadays, the cataloger's job also includes part of the library database maintenance, electronic records' creation, and projects to improve the search experience of our patrons!