Transforming Libraries | Play & Learn

Transforming Libraries | Play & Learn Spaces

With community input, Saint Paul Public Library is creating safe, fun, and quality spaces for families to play and learn together in all of its libraries across Saint Paul. 

Play & Learn Spaces at All Libraries | $2 Million

Play is the work of children. For ages 0-5, play is more important than academic education. It helps children learn creative problem-solving, critical thinking and collaboration in a safe and manageable environment. It also helps regulate stress and emotions and reduces the impact of trauma.  

There is a gap in Saint Paul when it comes to free, accessible, and quality spaces for families to play and learn together.  

Investments in opportunities to play and learn will transform our libraries from “shhh” to the vibrant, interactive family learning centers that spark curiosity, imagination, and wonder and support the social and cognitive the development.  

We will transform all 13 library locations’ children's areas to include a variety of hands-on play elements, interactive public art that reflects the community, and books that represent the cultures of the neighborhood. 

Multi-age play spaces at all locations will be:

  • Vibrant, welcoming, and free
  • Hands-on and sensory-friendly
  • Inspired by nature found in the city
  • Culturally relevant, with books and public art that represents the families in the neighborhood

Play and Learn space might include:

  • Custom Create-It station  
  • Multi-generational seating that is comfortable for adults & children 
  • Engaging installations for young ones, like light bright, wind tunnels, and light peg table
  • Public art that is welcoming and reflects the neighborhood 
  • Lactation/feeding-friendly space 
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