Star Tribune: St. Paul library late fees scrapped

Patrons in St. Paul no longer have to pay late fees, and the policy gets rave reviews

"Quentin Roberts doesn’t have to speed-read through books with his 8-year-old son anymore.

"Yeyco Avila can spend more time with his favorite films.

"And Faduma Mohamed says she can now rest easy, knowing she doesn’t have to worry about late fees.

"The St. Paul Public Library system eliminated fines for overdue books and forgave more than $2.5 million in accumulated fees on Jan. 1, after the City Council approved the policy change in December as part of the 2019 budget.

"Library patrons and staff are celebrating the change, which unfreezes more than 51,000 cards that were blocked because they had accumulated more than $10 each in late fees."