Facilities Use Policy

The primary use of the Saint Paul Public Library Agency’s facilities and grounds is that of a public library. When designated areas are not in use for library functions these areas may be used by groups and persons, regardless of their beliefs or affiliation with the following provisos:

Meeting rooms are available on a first-come, first-served, reserved basis. Frequency of booking may be limited for an individual organization based on anticipated demand. The Library retains the right to cancel any meeting room reservation granted to an outside organization for operational reasons. The Library will give as much notice of a canceled reservation as is feasible. A reasonable attempt will be made to provide an alternative time or space. As a practice, priority will be given as follows.

First priority will be given to Library-sponsored events. In prioritized order these include:

  • meetings or programs generated by library staff;
  • events or programs jointly sponsored by the Library and its affiliate groups;
  • events or programs sponsored by the library and other community groups.

Second priority will be given to:

  • public meetings sponsored by other city departments, agencies, and commissions;
  • meetings and events sponsored by neighborhood and community-based groups and organizations from the area served by the particular library facility.

Third priority will be given to organizations involved in literacy, or educational programs serving children and youth groups.

Fourth priority will be given to other non-profit public and/or social services organizations.

Fifth priority will be given to “For Profit” groups.

Rooms are available only during hours the library is open unless special approval is given at the time of reservation by the library agency supervisor. This service is fee-based regardless of non-profit status. Access to library facilities, parking, equipment, etc. is limited when the library is closed. (See fees.) Each library location is unique and special conditions may apply. Call the agency for more information.

The fact that a group is permitted to meet in the public library does not constitute an endorsement by the library of the group’s beliefs, policies, or programs.

No admission or other fees may be charged to individuals attending meetings or programs; no products or services may be advertised, solicited or sold except for tuition or fees for classes sponsored by tax-exempt educational institutions.

Other exceptions may be made for library-related activities.

The Library assumes no responsibility for personal belongings or organizational equipment in connection with the use of interior or exterior space.

Reservation of a library meeting room does not convey an expectation of privacy. Staff may require that window coverings and/or doors remain open during the use of the meeting room.

Meeting rooms may be monitored by surveillance cameras.

The Saint Paul Public Library may not be used as the address or headquarters for any group.

Social events (such as weddings, birthday parties, showers, for example) are not permitted.

The Library reserves the right to deny or terminate the use of its facilities if the user’s activities are disruptive to library customers or staff, result in disorderly conduct, or constitute a violation of the conduct policy.


The group or individual using the facility must agree to indemnify and hold the library harmless for any personal injury, lost or stolen articles, or damaged property owned by anyone using the library facilities.

A supervising adult must be present at all times in the space used by groups of children or young adults through the age of 17.

No glitter products are allowed for projects; “glitter glue sticks” are permitted.

Groups holding reservations are requested to notify the library of cancellations at the earliest possible date in order to free the facility space for another group. Failure to provide this courtesy may result in loss of facility use privileges.

All facilities must be vacant and left in a neat and orderly condition. All clean-up and vacation must be completed within the time specified on the application and no later than fifteen minutes prior to closing.

Use of any equipment or supplies owned by the Library must have prior approval of the library agency supervisor or designee.

The library will not store any materials or equipment belonging to groups using the facilities.

Pre-approval of applicant’s publicity, flyers, tracts, posters, directional signs, etc. is required. Publicly announced meetings via purchased advertising, or widely distributed or mailed information must identify the sponsoring organization and include the following disclaimer in their announcements:

“Use of the Saint Paul Public Library System meeting facilities does not constitute endorsement of the beliefs, viewpoints, policies or affiliations of the user by the library board or staff.”

The library logo may not be used.

Alcoholic beverages, illegal substances, and smoking are not permitted in library facilities.

Burning candles, incense, or open flames of any kind are not permitted.

No food may be prepared in the library or on its grounds. Refreshments may be served by a caterer or by group members. The person reserving the facility will be held responsible for cleaning up after any food service within the timeframes indicated above.

Complaints about the facility will be handled first by the agency supervisor, staff or area librarian when appropriate. The Library Director has the authority to issue final determinations consistent with the Library mission and this policy.


To reserve a meeting room or exterior space an applicant must complete a contract an online application which must also be approved by a representative of the library agency where the interior or exterior space is located. The applicant may call to determine whether a particular time slot is open, but the reservation does not take effect until the application has been submitted, approved by the library agency representative and the fee for use (if applicable) has been received. Only a person of legal age may submit an application.

The applicant is responsible for:

  • Payment for any damage to library property occurring during or in connection with the meeting.
  • Enforcement of the Library’s facility use regulations.
  • Set up / arrangement of tables and chairs to meet the needs of the group and restoring them to the original set-up after the function.
  • Clean-up and vacation of the space within the time period of the reservation.
  • Informing the library staff when the meeting has ended, and, stating the number of people who attended.


For-profit organizations may use the meeting rooms or grounds for group (not one on one) meetings at a fee of $50 per hour or fraction thereof. This includes clean-up time. In addition, a non-refundable reservation fee of $25 is due at the time of booking.

Governmental agencies, school groups, and non-profit organizations may use the meeting rooms free of charge for group (not one-on-one) educational or operational purposes. Groups may be required to show proof of non-profit status (501(c)(3)).

Use of meeting rooms during non-open hours is subject to a fee of $200 per hour or any fraction thereof. This fee applies to all applicants.

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