Yard Sale | Discussion Questions

Questions from the Read Brave Saint Paul Team

  1. In this story, Callie has to deal with a lot of emotions. How does Callie feel at the beginning of the story? In the middle? At the end? Why does she feel the way she does?
  2. Callie’s family is moving from a house to a small apartment. Why? What does it feel like to leave a home and go to a new one?
  3. Although her family is sad to be selling so many of their things, Callie’s mom reminds her that possessions aren’t the most important part of life. What things could you give away today and still live happily and comfortably?
  4. While her old neighborhood is made up of houses, Callie’s new neighborhood will have apartment buildings and busy streets. What is your neighborhood like? Describe it.
  5. What is the difference between a house and a home? Do you think Callie and her family will feel at home in their apartment? Why?
  6. At the yard sale, a woman playfully asks if Callie is for sale, too. How does Callie feel when she hears this? How would you feel if you were in Callie’s situation?
  7. Aside from her house, Callie is also moving away from a friend. Imagine you lived in Callie’s new neighborhood. How could you make her feel welcome?

Yard Sale

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