Want to Read, but Can’t Concentrate? Try These Alternatives.

This unique time of uncertainty has brought a multitude of competing demands on our attention, and it can be challenging to muster the time and attention span needed to complete a book. Thankfully, you can still quench the craving for an entertaining, enlightening, and/or educational diversion with a great short story or long-form magazine article -- and you may even discover the seed for the next great movie! 

Longreads.com recently featured a list of 25 films that were inspired by magazine articles (including recent hits like Hustlers and A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood). If this list inspires you to look into one of the magazines featured, keep in mind that your library account gives you digital access to many magazines, including several featured in the article.  

This is also a great time to take advantage of the big rewards offered by short stories, which require minimal time commitment but often pack the same punch as longer novels and nonfiction. For some SPPL staff recommendations, check out this list of "superb short stories" on a variety of topics and interests, and this list of "acclaimed short stories." If your book club is struggling to focus right now, you may even be inspired to opt to discuss an article or short story.   

What are you reading right now? Have you experienced a lack of focus needed to get through a novel, or are you experiencing the opposite, and are now getting through some books you’ve long wanted to read? Are you re-reading any old favorites? Let us know! 

(Post by Becky A.)