Dear River Postcard Project

The “Dear River” Postcard Project is an arts project and survey tool to engage members of the public in imagining what the Mississippi River means to them. Created by the Dear River research team, and funded by the National Science Foundation and Macalester College, the final results will be shared with the Army Corps of Engineers. The Army Corps is currently studying options for the locks and dams in the 17 mile river gorge in the Twin Cities metropolitan area that may dramatically change the river’s flow and feel.
The postcard project is a creative and open-ended way for us to ask residents to share their hopes for the river. The postcard display will include a series of postcards with images of the Mississippi River in its past, present, and future iterations. Visitors will be invited to choose a postcard, inscribe an answer to the question: "What is your wish for the river?”, and deposit the card in a locked mailbox. Our research group will be responsible for collecting the cards on a regular basis. Digital copies will be made of each postcard received, and the written content to be sent to the Army Corps of Engineers. We will create a digital archive of the messages on our project website, opens a new window.