Brave Art: Youth Art Gallery

In late December 2018, Brave Art brought together youth of all ages to express what home means to them with the use of paint and canvas. The workshop was supported by artist Sarah Nelson of Inverted Arts. Sarah had great discussions with participants about home and how it can manifest in many different ways, especially when looked at through a creative lens. Some paintings show home as something very literal while others are much more abstract.

One teen described her painting as a place where many different colors come together in one space and how that can be hard but beautiful at the same time. Spirituality and love are often represented and some works show an object that reflects something comforting at home, such as a cat or a bed or a Christmas tree. Even the youngest of artists delved into what home means after having fun with the paint - when asked what her paintings were of, a 4 year old imaginatively explained that one was an alien and the other was the alien's world. Thanks to Sarah and Inverted Arts for hosting these meaningful and fun workshops! 

Read Brave Saint Paul is a citywide, intergenerational reading program set around a common theme relevant to the city. The 2019 Read Brave theme is housing, a critical topic in Saint Paul where thousands of people struggle to afford housing. 

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