Library Go for Parents

Library Go is your child's free pass for books, music, homework help and so much more at the Saint Paul Public Library.

What if my child already has a card?

You can have both! Your child's original card will not be replaced. Library Go will issue a new number that allows teachers and students to easily communicate and memorize a number that is connected to their student ID.  

What financial risks are involved?

Very few. Students can access all e-materials (including academic papers, books, music, and magazines) without fear of fines or fees. In addition, students will be able to check out five  physical materials. We will work with students to rectify lost/missing materials to minimize financial burdens on families. You may add your email address to the account so you are also notified when materials are due.

Students will also have opportunities throughout the year to reduce or eliminate fines by participating in library fine forgiveness programs, such as Read Downs or Do Downs.

View the Library Go Fines & Fees Policy

Can I use my child’s Library Go account?

We recommend parents get their own library card. Parents can use their child’s Library Go card, but only if their child is present.

Will Library Go work in systems outside of Saint Paul?

Library Go will only work at Saint Paul Public Library locations.You may request a physical card to register and use at a different library system in Minnesota.

Why are you providing a virtual and not a physical library card?

The cards will be easy to memorize, containing your student's 6-digit ID. We value your security and understand students have a hard time keeping track of physical cards.  Students will be able to use their cards by typing memorized numbers for electronic materials and identifying themselves to library staff to check out physical materials. This process is similar to how they check out materials at their school and order school lunches

How can my child access his or her new virtual account?

Unless parents opt-out, all students will be given a unique electronic barcode number, consisting of their unique student ID number and a standard prefix.

When will my child get access to this virtual account?

Electronic library cards will be activated for high school and middle school students first, and elementary students in early 2017. Students will be able to immediately access electronic resources with their new electronic barcode number upon launch.

What resources will my child be able to access for FREE?

Students will have FREE access to e-books, e-magazines, music downloads, one-on-one online homework help, dozens of databases, and more!

How will teachers use Library Go in the classroom?

Library staff are working with school staff to help integrate these newly accessed materials into the classroom.  When all students have a library card, students will easily access materials only available to library patrons on their school-issued iPads.

How can I opt-out of or opt-back-in Library Go for my child?

Visit or contact Student Records at 651-632-3764 to opt-out of the program. If you have opted-out and have changed your mind, please also contact Student Records.

What kind of data is Saint Paul Public Schools sharing with Saint Paul Public Library, and how is it protected?

At Saint Paul Public Schools, the following information about students is public: name, birth dates, grade, extra-curricular information, school, dates of enrollment, and awards received.  

Additionally, the following information is designated as directory information only for MN State Libraries: address, home phone, student ID#, and student email address.

Data shared between SPPS and SPPL is encrypted and transferred via a secure protocol and is stored on secure servers.

Will I be able to monitor what materials my child has checked out?

Yes. Please let SPPL staff know if you would like your email to be added to their account so you receive holds and overdue notices. Parents will be able to monitor notices sent to the student but the Library will not be sending messages about what the student has checked out in general.

What is iUpdate?

iUpdate is a new tool inside SPPS’s Campus Portal that contains important forms and allows parents to register students for after-school and summer programs. One of the forms included allows parents to opt-out of Library Go.

What if we don't live in Saint Paul?

All SPPS students will receive equal access to Library Go, no matter where you live.