Public Posting and Distribution Policy

1. Saint Paul Public Library provides limited, designated space for community flyers, notices and posters. Posting of such materials by the Library does not indicate Library endorsement of the ideas, issues or events promoted by these materials.

2. All materials must be submitted to Library staff for posting. All bulletin board materials will be initialed and dated by staff before posting. Materials which have not been submitted for approval will be promptly removed.

3. Space is given on a first-come/first-served basis. Because community space is limited, items not related to a specific event or series of events will be removed after three weeks to ensure that bulletin board and distribution spaces are available to as many community groups as possible.

4. Materials larger than 8 1⁄2" x 11" will be posted only if space is available, and they may be removed early if space is needed.

5. The Library assumes no responsibility for the preservation or protection of materials posted or submitted for posting.

6. In facilities where there is no separate bulletin board for community postings, preference for space is given to the materials of Saint Paul Public Library and The Friends of the Saint Paul Public Library.

7. Commercial advertisements/promotions, events or materials for businesses or for- profit organizations will not be permitted except for an event that a business is sponsoring for a non-profit organization or is co-sponsoring with a non-profit organization.

8. The following items may not be posted or distributed in the Library:

  • advertisements of personal services or products sold for commercial profit
  • religious tracts
  • petitions
  • job postings
  • rental announcements
  • campaign literature
  • boxes or receptacles which solicit monetary donations

Neighborhood-specific materials should be taken to individual branch library locations for distribution consideration.

To have materials distributed at all Saint Paul Public Library locations, please call the library's Marketing and Communications department at 651-266-7048.

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