Saint Paul Public Library Hosts Music Mosaic, a Free Classical Music Concert Series in Libraries Throughout April

A series of free pop-up classical music concerts by Saint Paul Conservatory of Music are happening at libraries across Saint Paul April 6-24.

Saint Paul Public Library (SPPL) and Saint Paul Conservatory of Music (SPCM) is hosting a series of pop-up classical concerts throughout April at libraries across Saint Paul. People of all ages are invited to join Music Mosaic to enjoy and learn about classical music and world cultures at three concerts performed by faculty ensembles from the SPCM.

"SPPL is excited to bring classical music into an unexpected setting like the library for the community to enjoy and for some discover for the first time,” said Gao Yang. “Some of our community will be able to see themselves in the music that has Latin American, Indigenous, and Eastern European roots.” 

Concerts are free and open to the public. After the performance, attendees will be able to interact with and learn about the musical instruments and enjoy food and refreshments with the musicians.

"We are thrilled to partner with Saint Paul Public Library to offer this concert series,” said Mary Larew, SPCM Executive Director. “Saint Paul Conservatory of Music is a place where anyone - children through adults - can take lessons. And we want everyone, throughout our city, to enjoy music performed by our fantastic faculty. Having the opportunity to present concerts in several different neighborhoods in Saint Paul is a wonderful way to share music with more of our neighbors!”

Events include:

Music Mosiac Concert: Son de Cuerdas

The Son de Cuerdas ensemble features a harp, piano, and cello, and their concerts explore Latin American, Hispanic, and Mexican music. These events will be presented in English and Spanish. No registration required. 

Music Mosiac Concert: Mark Billy and Osip Nikiforov

Mark Billy, a baritone of native (Choctaw) ancestry, and Russian pianist, Osip Nikiforov, will perform a variety of classical pieces, including some honoring Native composers and musical traditions. 

“We are thrilled to hold these performances in partnership with SPPL to bring culturally diverse music to community members of all ages and backgrounds showing that libraries are an integral part of our community in helping bring people together through knowledge and music,” said Omar Macias, SPCM Bilingual Programming Coordinator.

Events are free and all are welcome. Visit to learn more.