MPR: In Minnesota libraries, community is part of the collection

MPR NEWS | Elizabeth Shockman | St. Paul October 24, 2019 7:00 a.m.

Among the many ways in which libraries are different these days, here’s one: They’re not very quiet.

For example, Rondo library, just off Dale Street in St. Paul, is a busy place on a weeknight. Kids run around; meeting rooms are full of people taking ESL classes or getting homework help. Patrons browse rows of books, DVDs and vinyl, and others use the computers to play games, research or get work done.

"Yeah, this is such a fun library,” said Pang Yang, a community services coordinator with the St. Paul Public Library system.

"Libraries have transformed quite a bit from what they were, even in the early 2000s. A lot of people thinks it's books and stuff. Really, to me, it's community and information,” Yang said. “That's what libraries are ... the community decides what it is. Even though we work here, it's really the community that comes and decides what it's going to be."