Discussion Questions: If Polar Bears Disappeared

About the book

If Polar Bears Disappeared by Lily Williams is this year’s early-grade selection. Williams uses accessible, charming art to explore what would happen if the sea ice melts, causing the extinction of polar bears, and how it would affect environments around the globe.

If Polar Bears Disappeared

About the author

Lily Williams grew up in Northern California, where she graduated with high distinction from California College of the Arts with a BFA in animation. Her books for children include If Sharks Disappeared and If Polar Bears Disappeared. Williams seeks to inspire change in the world, engage audiences, and educate all ages in her practice of visual development, illustration, and animation. Her work can be seen in film, print, and classrooms around the world, and has been used to get legislation passed in the United States Senate.

Discussion questions

  1. This book focuses on the Arctic's ecosystem. What is an ecosystem? What parts of the ecosystem do you see around you?
  2. We know that polar bears are threatened by sea ice melting. What happens if the sea ice melts? How does this affect the polar bears?
  3. If the sea ice melts, are just polar bears affected? Who else is affected?
  4. The pictures give us lots of information about our how our world works. Look at the page with the sun and water cycle. Can you explain this cycle? How do the sun and water impact each other and the ice around them?
  5. Everyone has the power to help reduce the effects of climate change. What can you do to help the polar bears and the Arctic?