Transforming Libraries | Technology-Rich Spaces

Transforming Libraries | Technology-Rich Spaces

To keep pace with the needs of residents, Saint Paul Public Library is evolving technology and tools for residents to "do life” in all of its library spaces. 

Technology-Rich Spaces for All Libraries | $1.5 MILLION

To keep pace with the needs of residents, all 13 library locations’ workspaces, private study rooms, and meeting rooms will be enabled with technology to facilitate work, collaboration, and virtual appointments with outlets, video technology, teleconference capability, projectors, and more. 

Public libraries exist to provide freely accessible collections, programs, and services that meet the needs of the communities they serve, including a variety of technologies. As individual lifestyles, circumstances, needs, and expectations change, so too must library offerings to stay relevant. To do that, we must make consistent investments in current infrastructure and plan for emerging technologies that will take root in day-to-day life in coming years.  

Access to technology and the internet is no longer a luxury, it’s essential for all people to successfully navigate the modern world. People come into our libraries to make that connection – to apply for jobs, fax important medical information, access Wi-Fi, meet with business colleagues, participate in virtual court and doctor appointments, get homework or school help, and so much more. Saint Paul Public Library is committed to staying responsive and relevant by offering robust technology-rich spaces in all our buildings. 

Focus of Investments

Over the last five years, SPPL has engaged with community members and partnering organizations to co-create our strategic and facilities directions which include technology investments. To make the greatest impact, investments need to be:  


  • Responsive to community requests and trends 
  • Accessibility technology – hardware and software  
  • Options for everyone because needs are different from person to person – internet, printers, meeting rooms with full AV functionality 
  • Options for all ages provided in a variety of ways through services – Homework Centers, Learning Labs, Createch, Digital Literacy

Continuously Refreshed and Enhanced

  • Public computers and software 
  • Printers, scanners, photocopiers 
  • Mobile printing  
  • Sufficient power connections for charging  


  • Flexible – one size does not fit all 
  • Sturdy – needs to hold up to heavy use 
  • Consistent between libraries  
  • Easy to use or learn 

Expanded Essentials

  • Enhanced meeting room tools  
  • Digital signage and interactive technology  
  • Future standards not yet known
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