Photography and Videography Policy


While appreciating the photogenic qualities inherent in their design, libraries remain working institutions whose primary mission remains to serve the needs of its patrons.  As such, this policy is intended to protect library users who may be endangered or inconvenienced by having their photo or video image taken in the library, while encouraging media and others to use cameras in a way which would help communicate the library's mission and promote the beauty and uniqueness of the buildings in the Saint Paul Public Library system.


In order to provide all the library's customers with the safest and most pleasant library experience, those wishing to use cameras and/or recording equipment within Saint Paul Public Library facilities must have their request approved in advance by the acting agency supervisor.  Those photographing or videotaping children must have both the verbal permission of the acting agency supervisor and a written release signed in advance by each child's legal guardian. Those photographing or videotaping adults must have verbal permission from the subject as well as from the acting agency supervisor. Those not following this policy may be asked to put away their equipment or leave the facility.

Library access by photographers may be limited either by time constraints or to specific areas depending upon such impact or effect such sessions could have upon other library users.

Saint Paul Public Library staff has the right to photograph, film and record library events and customers for promotional use only in print, online and video. Visitors to the library, or anyone participating in any library event being captured on film or by photograph, will be advised verbally or through signage that their participation acts as consent to being photographed, filmed or recorded, unless they indicate otherwise to library staff.

The above policy applies only to open, public events. Closed events such as class visits would require releases and/or permissions from the supervisor of the visiting organization.

For More Information and Requests for Approval

Please contact the library where you would like to take photos or videos.

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