Exhibits and Tabling

As an institution which promotes the free exchange of information and ideas, Saint Paul Public library welcomes the opportunity to collaborate with individuals and organizations who wish to host a display, exhibit, or table in the library.

The Library can offer limited public space in its buildings for such displays.  Availability and space vary from library to library.

Please contact the library in which you are interested in hosting an exhibit, display or table to determine whether the space and available times will be adequate.

Online tabling requests are accepted for:

To request tabling space at other locations, please contact the library at which you are interested in tabling directly.

Application for Permission to Host a Display, Exhibit, or Table

Exhibits and Tabling Policy

Tables, displays, and exhibits are subject to the following regulations and restrictions:

1. Organizations or individuals wishing to host an exhibit or table at the library must complete an application.  All materials to be included in a display or table must be listed in the application.  Applications will be considered on a first come, first served basis.  Applications should be emailed or brought into the library where the exhibit or table is to take place.

2. Generally, no organization or individual will be permitted to host an exhibit or table on more than two occasions per month, per library agency.  Exceptions may be granted by the Library Director, Deputy Director or Public Service Directors.

3. Final approval for applications will be made with the library's manager.  A response will typically be provided within five to seven business days.

4. The Library reserves the right to designate the time, location, and size of the table.  These criteria should be discussed in advance with the library supervisor.  Set-up and take-down of tables, displays, and exhibits must occur within library business hours unless otherwise arranged with the library manager.

5. Displays, exhibits, and tables must not restrict traffic flow or normal library operations.  Walkways should remain clear of obstacles.  No library materials or furniture may be moved to set up displays or tables without permission.  Table staff should not physically obstruct people in order to speak with them.  They may speak to people as they pass by.

6. Any equipment that is part of the display must be listed in the application.  Equipment must not disrupt library business (e.g. excessive noise, distracting lights).  The Library is not responsible for damages to equipment.  The Library will not provide equipment.

7. Organizations exhibiting or tabling in the library must be non-commercial unless they are pursuant to a partnership with the Library.

8. The imagery and content of tabling displays should be appropriate for public library use (i.e. one that is free and open to persons of all ages).  No items will be accepted that are found to be illegal or offensive.  Exhibits or displays that promote discrimination against persons or groups will be refused.

9. Promotional giveaways at tables are permitted as long as they do not interfere with the daily conduct of library business, with the exception of food and drink, which is not permitted.

10.  No sales are permitted.

11. Exhibitors and table staff are responsible for their work and agree not to hold the library liable for any loss, theft or vandalism.  The Library will provide no special security or security personnel.

12. The inclusion of an exhibit, display or table in the Library does not constitute Library endorsement of an organization's or individual's causes or beliefs.

13. The Library reserves the right to cancel an exhibit or table, should conditions warrant such an action.  If an exhibit or table is canceled, the exhibitor may reschedule the exhibit or table at the earliest convenience of the Library and the exhibitor.

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