Maker Kits: A New Hobby at Your Fingertips

Maker kits are hand-selected materials with a variety of equipment, including books, supplies, suggested activities, tips, and resources in a storage box. It is designed with adult makers in mind to explore a unique creative activity from start to finish. 

The following kits are available:

Here are some ideas for you to explore.

Have you ever thought of starting your own YouTube channel but have no videos skills or no idea where to start? If the answer is yes, check out the Stop Motion Animation kit, and create a narrative to record and share the work you just made. The kit comes with a Hue HD camera, figurines, and paper to build the stage of your recordings.

Have a party, but you lack the entertainment spotlight? Check out the Karaoke kit, and you may just be the star of the night! The kit is equipped with a karaoke machine, microphones, and cables to hook up to your television or device.

If making videos and singing is the norm for you, then check out the Make Your Cat an Internet Celebrity Kit, because it may just be what you need to start making something unique, like  learning to make your pet famous on the internet. Have no cat or a pet? No worries, you can use the equipment to record other subjects, and use it to guide you to finish your project. Pretty cool, right?!

If you are into a quieter activity, you may enjoy the weaving kit. Learn to weave and give it as a gift to your close loves ones as a present. Or enjoy the personal archiving kit, and take a stroll down memory lane to recapture your photographs, and develop them into a photo book or calendar. Pretty neat stuff right here.

Why stop there? The maker kits are just a starting point to get your feet wet, now with the basic knowledge of using one kit, explore what you can do with many more. For example-- instead of podcasting about a subject, use the podcast to record the audio for your next book, or do voice-over for your new car makeover on YouTube. Or use the archiving kit to capture every moment you want to keep, and share it via email to your (international) friends and family. The maker kits can be used for professional and personal projects.

Maker kits are available to any patron with a library card with no more than $10 in fines on their account to check out. They can be checked out for three weeks.

Pretty great resources at the Saint Paul Public Library, right?. If you have questions, feel free to drop by the library and we will be glad to help you get started on your making journey.