Learn a New Language at the Library

Learn a new language at the library, for free!

All you need is your library card to get started with Transparent Language Online, opens a new window, a fun, interactive way to learn a new language. Over 90 languages are available. Lessons for people learning English are also available. You can even get a free app for your Android or iOS device so you can continue learning on the go.

Watch this brief tutorial, opens a new window for information on what's available and how you can get started.

Language Guides

To find books and CDs to help you learn a new language, search the catalog the name of the language you want to learn and add terms "study and teaching" or "grammar". For example:

Looking for books in other languages? The easiest way to do so is to search the library catalog by keyword for "language name books". So, to find books written in Spanish, simply search for "Spanish books" [see the results, opens a new window].

The same strategy works for movies, too, so you can search for Spanish movies, opens a new window, French DVDs, opens a new window, Hmong movies, opens a new window, Japanese films, opens a new window, and more!