Winter Reads

Winter reading for adults. January + February 2021

Winter is here! Yes, there’s snow and cold, but also . . . Winter Reads! So snuggle up and get lost in some fun or even comforting reads this season. Call it cottagecore, coziness, or simple pleasures, but it’s a good time to lean into the moment and curl up with a good read.

Winter Reads is a reading program that inspires adults to pick up a good book and read or relax and listen to an exciting audiobook. (Adult readers can pick up a prize at their local library branch.)

As you take time to enjoy the simple pleasure of wintertime reading, consider attending the virtual Fireside Reading Series or log into your account to rate titles, write reviews, and create lists.

If you’re looking for some ideas, check out our booklists. (We’ve got some music and movie in there too.)

Whether you’re looking a classic cozy, some romance to spice up the chill, or fantastic fantasy with world-building galore, we’ve got you covered. Or if you’re looking to immerse yourself in other fabulous forms of fiction and non-fiction, we can help you there too.

If you’re visiting a library branch soon, please feel free to ask library staff for suggestions or try our Reading Suggestions form, if you’d like some socially distanced personal recommendations.

Explore Winter Reads

Long Books for a Long Winter

Books as long as a winter night. These books all tell fascinating and compelling stories, real and imagined.

Get Your Bake On

When it's cold outside, it's all the more satisfying to warm up the oven and get baking!

Snowy Stories to Cozy Up With

Set atop frosty mountains, across arctic tundras, and amid fortresses of ice, these teeth-chattering books are best enjoyed while cozied up.

Winter Movies: Lean Into The Season

Embrace the snow, don't fight it! Get a shot of reality in your escapism with this wide-ranging selection of non-holiday chilly flicks.

Unexpected Detectives

Cozy up with some unexpected detectives in these engaging mysteries.

Winter Reads: Unexpected Detectives

Clever but relatable protagonists stumble into their sleuthing roles through chance, circumstance, or simple curiosity.

Comfort Cooking

Cooking can be a wonderful way to pass a cold winter's day. Explore new recipes for comfort foods from these regional and global cuisines.

Creature Comforts and Self-Soothing Behaviors

People are doing a lot of things to cope right now: creative, constructive, searching for companionship. Here are some titles to help.

Cozy Mystery Book Talk: "Death at Wentwater Court"

Librarian Emily tells you all about the cozy mystery, "Death at Wentwater Court".

Winter Reads: Fantasy, Sci Fi, & Speculative Fiction

Adult and YA authors with fabulous voices who explore all the different stories, ideas, and places these genres can encompass.

Winter Reads 2021: Do-It-Yourself Guide to Creature Comforts

Here are a list of how-to books to help you create the coziness you need to get through a long Minnesota winter.

Winter Reads: Science Fiction

You are staying in more than usual this winter, right? Spend time living vicariously through these works by authors from around the world.

Staff Comfort Picks

In chaotic times, familiarity can be comforting. Here are some of soothing and diverting favorites.
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