Small Business & Entrepreneurs

Learn the basic steps of starting a business through books, classes, and asking reference librarians for assistance.

Update your resume and get help applying for a day job to fund your dream enterprise.

Meet other entrepreneurs and learn from their experiences at events and classes.

Use Business Plan Pro software at the Rondo or Central Libraries or take classes to write a business plan.

Look up competitors, research industries, and analyze markets using ReferenceUSA and Demographics Now.

Learn business and tech skills outside your professional skill set through classes and

Online resources for business are available at the library. Most are accessible from outside of the library by logging in with your library card.

Use special library equipment in the Innovation Lab for productive work (Adobe Creative Cloud, Microsoft software, and more).

Research grant opportunities using Foundation Center, available at the George Latimer Central Library.

Attend CERT Workshops and learn how to do business with local government.

Meet and hire another business owner (lawyer, accountant, web designer) at a networking event or class.

Learn how to improve marketing and search engine optimization through classes.

Rent library meeting room space for businesses that don’t have an office or storefront.