Librarians drop the gloves in bookish battles during Winnipeg Jets playoff run

Winnipeg Public Library takes to Twitter to trash talk colleagues in rival cities

It was the prolific writer Henry David Thoreau who once described the library as a "great wilderness of books," and this NHL playoff season Winnipeg librarian Monique Woroniak has plumbed the depths of that wilderness for a way to say what's on all Jets' fans minds.

She and a colleague at the Winnipeg Public Library have channelled a love for the written word into good-spirited off-ice chirping, trash-talking libraries in rival NHL cities on Twitter on the Jets' behalf.

"I think many, many, many people are already interested in libraries," said Woroniak, a public information librarian. "Obviously we've seen the follows and the likes and everything go up on our social media."

Woroniak got the idea from the Toronto Public Library, which flamed the Kansas City Public Library on Twitter during the 2015 Major League Baseball playoffs.

It started with some gentle, arguably more cerebral smack talk in the first-round series against the Wild.

Woroniak called out the St. Paul and Hennepin County libraries in Minnesota with pictures of cleverly stacked book titles that played up Winnipeg.