Virtual Musical Residency | David Yang



We are excited to launch our next Virtual Musical Residency with the multi-talented, St. Paul resident David Yang. David will be offering us original performances, and sharing some of his favorite music selections, library memories and more. To celebrate the Hmong New Year in Minnesota, David will also share how he celebrates the new year.

Raised in Wisconsin and now a resident of St Paul, MN, David’s been doing music from a very young age. Whether that is rapping, singing, dancing, he can do it all. At the age of only 25 years old, he has over 40 million YouTube views with his music and there’s no stopping there. David Yang is a pioneer and changing the Hmong music scene with his music and always expanding and breaking through that glass ceiling. David Yang has performed and toured all over the U.S. from small to big events. His music has definitely touched many fans from all over the world and has inspired so many new talent to chase their dreams.

This program is made possible by the Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund.




  • Tsis Hlub Koj Lawm (I Don't Love You Anymore)
  • Txoj Hmoo Phem (Bad Luck)

(8 minutes)

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Set 2, featuring:

  • Koj Nyob Qhov Twg (Wherever You Are)
  • Ib Hnub (One Day)

Set 1, featuring:

  • Txhaum Lub Ntuj (Karma)
  • Nipaum Li Cas (How Much)

David Yang's Music, Movies, and Books List

Here's a list of what David Yang has been listening to, reading, and watching lately.
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