Public Service Promise

The Saint Paul Public Library belongs to the people of Saint Paul: the residents of the City who support it, and the customers who visit SPPL in person or virtually. We connect people in Saint Paul with the imperative and the joy of learning through a lifetime. Our customers' experience of the service they receive determines the success of our interaction.

We promise our customers in the Library, in the community, and online:

  • Welcoming, respectful, and equitable service
  • A customer-centered public environment
  • Attentive, skilled staff
  • Personalized service

Welcoming, Respectful, and Equitable Service

  • We will make eye contact, smile, and greet each customer as he or she enters the building.
  • We will learn and use customers' names appropriately.
  • We will create a welcoming environment, using the principles of Wakanheza.
  • We will offer materials, programming, and displays reflecting different cultures, races, ages and backgrounds.
  • We will provide inviting, clean, uncluttered, accessible, and safe buildings.

A Customer-Centered Public Environment

  • We will deliver excellent service to each customer.
  • Wherever possible we will have one highly visible service point.
  • We will be identifiable.
  • We will be mobile, pro-active and attentive.
  • Wherever possible, we will answer telephones in a non-public area.
  • Whenever possible, we will do off-desk work in non-public areas.

 Attentive, Skilled Staff

  • Customers can expect to have their basic questions answered by whomever they approach; sometimes that answer will be a graceful referral to another team member.
  • We are all empowered to answer questions brought to us by our customers.
  • We will have many opportunities for training and will be expected to take advantage of them.

 Personalized Service

  • We will know how best to clarify the customers' needs.
  • We will strive to meet each customer's unique need.
  • We will rely on the collective knowledge and expertise of our co-workers to help with challenging requests or situations.
  • We will enlist the assistance of an interpreter or translator as needed.
  • We will offer options, make connections, and find creative solutions.
  • We will offer a collection that is continually monitored to meet the needs of the community.