Magic Wand Scanner

Quickstart Guide

First step: To operate the scanner, insert a microSD card to record and store files.

How to Scan

  1. Turn on the scanner by pressing and holding the [Power/Scan] button down for 2 seconds.
  2. Place the document on a flat surface and hold down the document with one hand.
  3. Place the scanner on the edge of the paper approximately 5/8 to3/4 of an inch onto the page to ensure the whole document can be scanned. Make sure to keep the scanning area in between the scanning width indicator marked on the side of the scanner.
  4. Hold the scanner flat against the material and then press the [SCAN] button once.
  5. Slide the scanner slowly, keeping your hand stable to get the best quality picture.
  6. Press the [SCAN] button again to stop scanning.

Viewing your scans

  1. Connect your scanner to your computer and then turn on your scanner.
  2. Your computer should recognize the scanner as a "Removable Disk." Click "Open folder to view files" to view and import scans.
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