Libraries will be closed Saturday, May 25 - Monday, May 27 for the Memorial Day weekend.

Printable Calendars

View, download, or print monthly calendars of events and programs by location, for computer and business classes, and for early learning programs for the current and next month.

System-wide Events & Classes

Computer Classes  May | June

Early Learning Programs  May | June


Arlington Hills  May | June

Dayton's Bluff  May | June

George Latimer Central (Adult)  May | June

George Latimer Central (Youth Services)  May | June

Hamline Midway  May | June

Hayden Heights  May | June

Highland Park  May | June

Merriam Park  May | June

Rice Street  May | June

Riverview  May | June

Rondo (Adult)  May | June

Rondo (Youth)  May | June

Saint Anthony Park  May | June

Sun Ray  May | June

West 7th  May | June

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