Dayton’s Bluff Library Will Be Closed December 12 – January 2

Due to construction at Metro State University, the Dayton's Bluff Library will be closed from Monday, December 12 through Monday, January 2, reopening at 12:00 noon on Tuesday, January 3.

Here's what you need to know to help you through the 3-week closure:


You can pause your holds or choose a new pick-up location for your items. Visit the Holds page in your account to pause or change pick-up locations for your holds. Read more about pausing holds. To change your pick-up location, click the location name and then choose a new location. Please note that holds items that are already being held or in-transit cannot be modified.

In the days leading up to the closure, you will not be able to choose Dayton's Bluff as a pick-up location. After the library re-opens you can change the pick-up location to Dayton's Bluff.

You can also use the For Later shelf in your account to keep track of items you would like to put on hold later.


The book drop will be closed. In the weeks leading up to the closure, due dates will be extended to after the library has re-opened so nothing checked out from Dayton's Bluff should be due back to the library while the building is closed.

Nearby Libraries

Libraries near Dayton's Bluff are:

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Career Lab

The Career Lab will be closed while the library is closed. Career Lab services will be available at 6 other libraries.