At Saint Paul Public Library, we believe in connection.

The Library is a place for quiet reflection and boisterous activity; for likeness and for difference. It is comfortable, inclusive, and vital to creating healthy, strong communities. 

For the last century, the Library has provided more than just books and materials. It provides connection to people, expert resources, and ideas. 

The library is where people find the courage and resources to express their creativity, share their stories, and get connected to help. Learn how you can connect at the library.

Fine Free

The library is now fine free. That’s right! We no longer charge fines on late items. This ensures that all people have access to library books and materials, which is our primary purpose as a public library. Learn more about this new policy and how it affects you. 

Teens Know Best

The Teens Know Best (TKB) book club is for teens 12-18 who want to read and review young adult (YA) books that aren’t available to the public yet. YA Publishers read TKB member reviews and use them to influence their future decisions. Offered at Dayton's Bluff library every month.

Young Mentors Group

A group dedicated to community support and empowerment for teens offered at Sun Ray library. Watch this video and learn more.


Creative spaces for teens located at five library locations and Saint Paul Neighborhood Network. Createch provides a space for teens to gather, access tools needed to pursue interests and spark new passions, and be encouraged by mentors who support their individual growth.

New Immigrant Services

The library provides English Language Circles, English classes, ESL on computers, and more. Learn more!

Book Clubs

The library offers a wide variety of book clubs at most of our locations. Some book clubs focus broadly on fiction or nonfiction, while others focus specifically on genres. All are welcome at our book clubs!

Innovation Lab

A free maker space for adults at George Latimer Central Library. For tinkerers, entrepreneurs, artists, hobbyists, inventors, and the just plain curious. Free membership is required. 

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