Library Go Fines & Fees Policy

1. The Library Go card allows students to check out five materials risk-free

Library Go should be the primary account used for SPPS students. There are 3 times a PHYSICAL card (and duplicate account) will be involved:

  1. If students already have a physical card.
  2. If students need to use a card at a MELSA library. 
  3. If students need/want to check out more than 5 items. 

If five materials are overdue/lost, librarians will work with students to clear at least one of the five “billed” items on the card (with Read/Do Downs, returns, or payment) before making a physical card. 

2. No overdue fines on Library Go accounts

3. Flexibility with fees for lost/damaged materials 

  • The library may offer Read/Do Downs to all students at any time. 
  • Students can still check out if there is an overdue, lost, damaged item on the card. The ‘replacement cost’ will not halt the use of the card.  Students can still check out 4 more items if one is lost/damaged. 
  • Fees for Lost/damaged items on Library Go cards will not be sent to the collection agency. 
  • Students notified about ‘billed’ items by their school email, so please encourage parents to add their email.
  • Students can always access e-materials, even if they have lost 5 physical materials.