World of Tomorrow

World of Tomorrow


Exerpted from Noel Murray's review for the AV Club:

"Throughout this year's Sundance Film Festival, whenever I'd run into my fellow critics, we'd go through the usual ritual exchange of, "What have you liked so far?" Passing movie titles back and forth, more often than I could count, the conversation would end with one or both of us saying, "Of course, the best thing I've seen is that Don Hertzfeldt cartoon, World Of Tomorrow. I don't expect anything to top it."

Can an animated short be the best film at a festival? Or the best of the year? Because although World Of Tomorrow is only 15 minutes long, it's as funny, imaginative, and heartbreaking as anything released so far in 2015, and I wouldn't be surprised if I could make that same claim on December 31. At Sundance, where I had a link to an online screener, I watched World Of Tomorrow nearly every night before I went to sleep, as a pre-bedtime devotional."

World of Tomorrow is available BluRay only. It was nomintated for the Best Animated Short Oscar.