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A more fitting memorial than any words I could have put together for the sadly departed Grant Hart, re-issue maestros Numero Group have pulled together 69 tracks from Hüsker Dü's pre-SST days, 47 of which have never been released, even including ten songs that have never been available officially in any form. Bassist Greg Norton, speaking to Rolling Stone, said, "It's early and forgotten things. It's things that fell to the wayside as the band evolved, but there was a lot of good cuts that got abandoned," and notes that, "When I listen to our early stuff now, I'm blown away by the sheer energy of it. It holds up pretty well. I think it's really gonna surprise a lot of people."

If I may continue copy-and-pasting from the Rolling Stone article, this section especially caught my attention, "Numero Group also has their work cut out for them for possible future releases. For Savage Young Dü, they considered some 40 live tapes from Katzman's collection, but that's just a small chunk of the 150 or so cassettes they have. "We could do a live version of every single record, if we wanted to," [Numero cofounder Ken] Shipley says. "And this is a band that wrote three albums in a year, so there's plenty of stuff that didn't make the cut that we're sifting through. We just want to find the best way to get it out. The hope is that we, once a year, will revisit Hüsker Dü and find a new way to tell their story."" Here's hoping.